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Levante Ferries Group
Short Description

Fior di Levante was the first vessel of the newly founded and highly motivated shipping company, Levante Ferries. The founder, George Theodosis had a vision to make the difference in sea transportation in the Ionian Islands. And he made it! Soon after Fior di Levante was delivered, she was awarded with the worldwide recognized Shippax Award 2015 for “the integrity and creativity of total design, both inside and outside, including the company branding”. She travels between Killini and Zakynthos and she is very successful.

The concept of this project was to design a vessel that would promote the Ionian Islands and especially the island of Zakynthos, the homeland of the ship owner. We imagined and designed a ship, with easy access, quick embarkation and disembarkation, simple for the passengers to navigate through, friendly to people of all ages, with care and attention towards the elderly and the disabled. We used decorative patterns and themes inspired by the islands of the Ionian Sea and their distinctive civilization: the endless blue, the steep cliffs and the coast line of each of the islands, the morphology and the architecture, the characteristic music and the Zakynthinian serenades can all be traced throughout the ship.

Complete, 2015
Cosco, Zhoushan, China
Award Logo
For "the integrity and creativity of the total design, both inside and outside, including the company branding", 2015
Project Highlights
A collectible, yellow VW camper van in front of the shop area.
Reception Area
Material Board
Aft Lounge
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