Athens Riviera project Athens Riviera project

Voula, Greece
Short Description

The prominent building, abandoned for many years, is located by the sea at Konstantinou Karamanli Avenue in Voula. The existing building was designed and built before the broadening of the avenue. The resulting pavement is just a few centimeters wide, making the pedestrians’ movement difficult and dangerous.

When we were asked to submit our proposal, not once, but twice, by two different groups of entrepreneurs, our proposal revolved around solving this problem.

The first version of the building was an all-day café/bar/restaurant with the working title “Wolf”.

The second time, we designed a complex comprising of a fine dining restaurant on the first floor, a café/bar at the ground level, and an open-air space that would offer many possibilities for alternative entertainment.

In both our proposals, our starting point was to create a two-meter wide corridor for safe pedestrian movement, in the form of a protected gallery. The proposed entrance to the complex was located east, with a large open-air parking space. In both proposals, the center point was the view and the proximity to the sea.

All-day cafe/bar/restaurant design
Concept design
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